Darryl Wimberley

coverNow Available from St. Martin's/Minotaur: Devil's Slew
The Fifth Barrett Raines Mystery

A returning GI commits suicide-by-cop; a Treasury Agent gets kidnapped by members of a Mexican cartel, and counterfeit currency floats like candy in a New Orleans casino. It all starts far away from Barrett Raines jurisdiction in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, but it comes home, and with a vengeance, in a slice of land along Florida's Big Bend that locals call Devil's Slew.

"...Wimberley weaves a tight web of a story, with flashes of fear and churning violence, but he also takes the time to spool out the telling details of his characters. They range from the Harley-riding vet with her Bible and memories of grinding sugarcane, to the middle-aged kayaking game wardens who make a particularly grisly discovery hauling litter out of the Gulf.
"But it is family man Bear Raines who grounds the book with his intensely protective love for his sprawling district. And while the yacht-sailing bad guys are memorably scary, it is the locals lured into testing the waters of high-stakes global crime that keep the attention—and bring Raines to a state of big-fisted fury."
—P.G. Koch, Chron.com (Houston Chronicle)

"A terrific read. In Devil's Slew, Darryl Wimberley transports us inside the ruthless world of drug lords and deadly revenge. An intense thriller, full of suspense."
—Kathryn Casey, author of Blood Lines

"Raines should join Robicheaux, John Sanford's Lucas Davenport, and Robert B. Parker's Spenser at the hard-boiled-hero head table."

"[T]he most fascinating cop hero to ride onto the mystery scene since Hoke Moseley... Don't call Barrett Raines the best new hard-boiled cop nor the best black cop—just call him the most interesting cop on the block. Period."
The Austin Chronicle

"If you don't love Raines, put two fingers on your wrist and check your pulse."
Texas Monthly


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